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 Methods to Create Topics w/ Lot of Replies

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PostSubject: Methods to Create Topics w/ Lot of Replies   Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:53 am

1. Use something quite relevant or Something that Gives Intense Hope.

e.g - Sonic Adventure 3 CONFIRMED!
This will give you guaranteed replies as long as you give a solid Evidence.

Real Example - www.SonicAdventure3.net DOMAIN FOUND (On SEGA FORUMS)
More than 400+ Replies over 6 Hours and almost as much as OFFICIAL SA3 topic that existed for 3 months.

2. Create A Game for users to participate.

For this Don't make the first thing that comes in your mind, first check and analyze the community that there already is on an forum and do something they might like.

Real Example - The Sonic Word Association Game

3. Post Something very Simple or Pointless that will create a game of Ping-Pong between users.

e.g - 1000 Reasons Topics
For these all you do is create a random and yet logical topic - These usually boost the Messages Count by a lot on a message board because everyone loves posting nowadays and for these posts you do not need to think because in reality you could never reach 1000 Reasons for something unless they are pointless.

Real Example - Count to 50000 (On SonicCommunity)
Every user just adds a number and in 1 month they already got to about 10259.

(Note : This is still a draft and things will be changed or made simpler.)

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Methods to Create Topics w/ Lot of Replies

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