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 Trojan got Screwed by Me :D

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PostSubject: Trojan got Screwed by Me :D   Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:06 pm

From The Sonic Riders tutorial topic :

Right now I'm having an issue with a virus on Windows 8 that loads up upon boot even before the login screen so I'm unable to get rid of it, happily I can dual boot into Windows 7 and try to get rid of the Virus but I am failing right now at doing so - On Windows 8 it causes my computer to freeze and is a Trojan meaning it is controlled remotely by an attacker and therefore If I want to get rid of it ill have to be offline, anyways Enjoy the tutorial For now, ill finish it after I desinfect my computer but I think it covers everything that is required, anyways enjoy.

Infected by a trojan, this has full control over my pc from what I believe so Please do not download any files I have uploaded or attached after 8/12/2012 unless I say so (Ie. if it was created and modified in WIN7) but please do not download anything I put up unless I say it's Windows 7

It appears the virus is trying to act as a Security identifier but is not listed on Microsoft's website.

Read List here:

Screenshot - This is not listed as an Identifier and it shoudn't be there anyway as identifiers dont apply themselves as users.

No worries I've checked fully my Win 7 and so it is completely unaffected.

Found the location :
Operating memory ยป C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\vbc.exe - Win32/Fynloski.AA trojan - unable to clean

Through Browsing the registry I found the startup and the processes that it injects into, but it caused so much damage to the operating system that should have been never created, Therefore what I'm left with is a forced format and reinstall of the system :D but I can dual boot so I have all my programs ready for reinstall.

I put that note short because It can go on for pages really of what I have been trying to do.

Problem Solved (After 8 hours of Trials What a Face ) -Thread Locked

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Trojan got Screwed by Me :D

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