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 About creating your own Games/Shops

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PostSubject: About creating your own Games/Shops   Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:41 pm

If you are willing enough to create your own game which involves numbers, dices or anything else either randomly chosen by a machine or a user, you must give the combination or number to the Administrator or a Moderator before you do so, this will be taken and posted in 'The Admin Corner', you will then receive confirmation that you are allowed to let the first vote go.


This is to prevent Phishing, Trolling or Bias towards a user.
People caught on giving others answers will get 1 day Ban and for the games they make of this kind numbers or sequences will be generated for the Moderator or Administrator.
This applies to everybody so if one person is caught on the act then everybody else will have to head their number games to be chosen at random by the Moderator or Administrator, then a confirmation in the thred saying you can start will appear.


With regards to your own shops you are allowed to post, sell anything of your own as long as the content is legal i.e no music that is not an original copy or copyrighted, for illegal content bans will be immediately given out and only two warnings, upon committing the crime 3rd time the user will get a permanent ban.

This is a really great thing for Artists in perticular as they can sell their own ranks and rank animations.
For these that want to share their ranks for free you are allowed to do so but otherwise please find a way of how to protect your picture from being stolen.
Don't Know how, click here.

If you buy an artist made rank with custom rank image at once you will get a 10% discount from the overall price (Authors will still be paid full price in rings), also make sure you are not being fooled drop the image into google images if there is a need to or you think you might be fooled.

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About creating your own Games/Shops

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