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 Naming the Nameless

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Naming the Nameless Empty
PostSubject: Naming the Nameless   Naming the Nameless I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 30, 2013 11:45 am

I now tend to give background characters in the series nicknames, like how some other fandom a do.

I've done this with AOSTH and Satam.


*The canine girls from "the last resort": Hula the Wolf (the name was created by Kphoria on deviantart), and Luau the Wolf.

*The cat flight stewardess from "Mass Transit Trouble": Gauze the Cat (she looks like a nurse)

*Breezie recolor from "Black Bot The Pirate": Seashine

*Octopus girl from "Hedgehog of the Hound Table": Coil the Octopus.

*The polar bear from "Lovesick Sonic": Spypolar.


*The female Nasty Hyena: Hillary. The leader: Chuck.

*The bow tie guy from the pilot: Bo. The turtle: Mike.

*I call the cat from "Blast to the Past" Sylvia, because she looks like Sylvester.

Anyone else done this?
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Naming the Nameless

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