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 Days of the Seraforce: Year One

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PostSubject: Days of the Seraforce: Year One   Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:02 pm

Okay, okay. Many of you may or may not have seen my Planet Warriors fanfic...here's what's going to happen in the SonicGalaxy timeline, so pay attention.

- It's going to be about:

Musume (Red-haired human, mother of Tashi and Jillian, sister of Musuko, husband of Kai)
Natsume (Green-haired human, formerly a Brood in her past life, adoptive mother of Faeya, sister of Kai)
Tashi (White Dragon Brood, adoptive daughter of Musume, non-biological sister of Jillian)
Faeya (adoptive daughter of Natsume, cousin of Tashi and Jillian, niece of Kai)
Miwa (sister of Satoru, adoptive mother of Zenna, former member of the Olympus Twelve)
Zenna (White Dragon/Red Dragon Brood hybrid, adoptive daughter of Miwa, Tashi's rival)

- Danny and Sonic will be re-uniting with Kai and the others back at Albion, but with unexpected visitors that they have with them (Kravix, Marok, Magna, Fandra and Jogren).

- Their enemies for this story, will be the Deathborgs (a group of cybernetic humanoid beings whose objective is to eliminate all of the human race), lead by Cybergon (who will be the main, evil antagonist of this story). Plus, a certain enemy of Danny and Kai returns...upgraded.

Did you get all of that? Cool. Then this story is probably going to be needing some co-writers, to say the least.

So yeah...I need some co-writers for this story. Anyone in particular who want to assist me in this story?
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PostSubject: Re: Days of the Seraforce: Year One   Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:10 pm

PROLOGUE: A New Beginning of Life

(Sometime after the events on Planet Garath. The camera shows us a view of the skies on Earth for 8 seconds. The camera cuts to show a view of the Ebon Hawk, as it flies. After 8 seconds of flying close to the camera, it slowly rotates and shows us a back view of it. The camera cuts to show us a view from the cockpit, as it shows us a view of the city of Michigan. The camera cuts to show us a closer look of Michigan, where people are seen walking, and talking to each other. The camera then cuts to show us a view of the Ebon Hawk, as it flies and enters to Earth. The camera cuts to Danny's hands, as he is seen piloting it.)
Danny: Well, everyone...here we are. Lo and behold, this...is planet Earth.
Sonic: (off-camera) You guys feelin' it?
Fandra: (short pause) It's...wonderful...
Marok: Marok has never been to this place before...um...what is Earth?
Danny: Well, this is where we save people's lives from the forces of evil...here, Sonic and I have friends.
Sonic: He's right. Tails and Knuckles aren't the only ones who are my friends.
Kravix: Who are they?
Sonic: Well, Tails is the fox with two-tails who's orange, Knuckles is an echidna who's red...
Danny: You know who they already are, don'tcha?
Sonic: Yeah. They're my friends. It's too bad that we left Albion after saying goodbye, though.
Danny: I agree...we've done so many activities over the months.
Fandra: Is that what saddens you?
Sonic: Yes, Fandra...but, like I said, Tails and Knuckles aren't the only ones who are my friends...there are also people who are humans.
Danny: And some humanoids.
Fandra: Humans? And humanoids?
Sonic: Yes...
Kravix: If that's the case...
Magna: (off-camera) Then this planet is full of them...we've faced off and dealt against the Emperor of Garath...as I was once his slave.
Jogren: What dangers will we face on Earth, Danny and Sonic?
Danny: There's going to be some dangerous villains here on this planet...
Sonic: Some that we've encountered, and some that we haven't seen before.
Danny: All I know is...that there's a lot of other things on Earth.
Jogren: Indeed...
Sonic: But who knows what the outcome will be when we'll encounter another evil.
Magna: Much evil as the Emperor of Garath was?
Sonic: Exactly.
Danny: But in the meantime...why don't we all just enjoy life on Earth?
Fandra: That sounds...wonderful...
Magna: Just don't waste too much time...who knows what dangers we'll face.
(Soon after, the camera cuts, and the Ebon Hawk flies to where the background is. Soon after a star shines. Soon after, the camera pans left to show a view of someone's leg. After 6 seconds, the camera cuts to show a view of someone's eye. Soon after, the camera goes black.)

So...what do you think? Good? Bad? So-so? Needs some editing from someone? Tell me what you think. Oh, and I still need some co-writers to assist me, so...I still need some support! Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Days of the Seraforce: Year One   Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:58 pm

CHAPTER 1: New Dangers

(Somewhere outside at Wyndia. Tashi (in her dragon form) can be seen flying over the buildings, as well as the people. The camera cuts to show Musume in her Seraforce uniform, sitting on Tashi's back.)
Tashi: It seems that you're worried about something, Mom.
Musume: It's about Danny and Sonic. So much time has passed, I forget what it's like to miss our friends.
Tashi: I know what you mean...
Musume: Hm.
(The camera cuts to show a few birds flying. Tashi flies past them, then flies onto the top of the building, as she lands her feet on the ground, changing back to her normal, humanoid form after Musume jumps off of her. Tashi is also in her Seraforce uniform.)
Tashi: I forget what it's like to have a father...
Musume: You mean, Kai? I'm sure that wherever Danny is, we'll see him again. I know how much he and Sonic mean to us...so we're thinking about planning a welcome back party for them.
Tashi: But Kai has been doing nothing but praying in front of a statue in hopes of Danny's return sometime.
Musume: That's why everyone cares about him. Danny has always been a hero to us.
Tashi: I've been worried about him, too.
Musume: Danny and Sonic chose to leave Albion together so that they can travel Earth together. How bad can it be?
Tashi: There comes a time when someone must return...and re-unite. You remember what happened after Danny and his other friends saved the universe from the Crawler.
Musume: What I'm more concerned about is who was responsible for removing the memories of Rijin from Kai's brain.
Tashi: I'm sure that there comes a time when someone must forget about their past, and think about the future.
Musume: I understand.
Tashi: Really?
Musume: Maybe it was Kai's father, Windalf. As far as I remember, he is the one responsible for what has happened. Rijin was his son...I don't understand why he would remove his memory of Rijin from Kai's brain.
Tashi: Look, Mom...there's no telling when Rijin is going to return. No one could survive from self-destruction. Even if he is a cyborg. I doubt that he'll come back. Maybe someone saved Kai from Rijin's own self-destruction?
Musume: I'll admit, cyborgs are something, but for Rijin to become a full-fledged machine...
Tashi: That's something I would never become. I'm a full-fledged Brood of the White Dragon Clan who symbolizes good. I would never be a machine. You have to remember, Mom, that there is light, and there is darkness. Kind of like the Black Dragon Clan, representing darkness.
Musume: And you told me about the evil Deathwing, who is the Dragon of Destruction. What about other peaceful places, like Pandaria?
Tashi: I assume that Danny would love this place, even though he's a little different.
Musume: Tashi, I understand that your parents were a part of the war, but...we need to think about something else here. Deathwing's nothing but a sword now.
Tashi: Of course he is. And as long as he is a weapon, he can never break free. Which is good, because I feel like we are safe.
Musume: (after 5 seconds) We should think about getting back to our teammates. They're waiting for us.
(Tashi nods. After 4 seconds, the camera cuts to show Miwa and Zenna sparring with each other. Miwa is firing arrows of moon-elemental energy from her bow at Zenna, who deflects them with her White Dragon and Red Dragon Keyblades.)
Zenna: You really know how to train your daughter, Mom.
(Soon after, Zenna runs up to Miwa, then delivers a kick to her, only to be blocked by her left arm, then by her right arm, with another kick following.)
Zenna: When are we going to have some REAL mother and daughter time, together?
Miwa: That will be soon, Zenna. We got a lot of things in the Seraforce ahead of us.
Zenna: It's not like I have anything against Tashi, though. Even though the two of us ARE rivals, and that she is a two-bit full-blood.
Miwa: That's what she is, Zenna. I know what dangers await us.
(After 8 seconds of some sparring, Miwa and Zenna both stop.)
Miwa: Good job, my daughter.
Zenna: Thanks, Mom.
Miwa: Natsume and Faeya should've been back by now...
Zenna: Wonder what those two are doing...
Miwa: They said that they were running some errands...that gives us the time to train, because we needed some exercise, anyway.
Zenna: That's true...I guess that Musume and Tashi have been doing some things on their own while they were away.
Miwa: They're probably out for some ice cream or something. Just because Tashi IS a little different from the White Dragon Brood...so, um...you ready for a movie?
Zenna: Perhaps...I can't wait.
(Soon after, Miwa and Zenna walk out and exit the scene. Soon after, the camera cuts to show a view of Albion for 5 seconds, then cuts to where the statue of Danny the Panda is, where Amanda Rachels is seen standing, looking up.)
Amanda: (after 8 seconds) Where did I come from?
(After 6 seconds, the camera flashes white, then shows us an all-black screen. Purple and blue streams can be seen swirling around each other. After 5 seconds, the camera flashes white again, then cuts to where Amanda is standing.)
Amanda: What am I, really? And what is my purpose? Am I destined for good, or evil? (after 5 seconds) Just what am I to do?
?????: (off-camera, familiar voice) My child...
(Amanda holds her head in pain with her hand.)
?????: (off-camera) All will come in due time...there will come a time, when your destiny shall unfold...
Amanda: Who...who said that? Where are you?
?????: I can hear you...as you can hear me...we both are linked to each other. Need not worry, my child...soon, it wlll all come to you.
Amanda: Wait...what is my destiny?
?????: You must punish the ones who have casted me away for good from all worlds.
Amanda: Punish them...? I...
?????: Give in to the darkness...let it overtake you...
Amanda: Who...who are you?
Jillian: (places her hand on Amanda's shoulder) Amanda...
Amanda: Huh?
(Amanda turns around to see her friend, Jillian.)
Jillian: Is everything alright?
Amanda: (after 5 seconds) Yes...is something wrong?
Jillian: What were you doing on your own?
Amanda: I was...praying for your friend's return.
Jillian: Danny the Panda's?
Amanda: Yes...but something...something doesn't make me feel right...it's as if I can feel someone's voice...or something...telling me of my destiny...
Jillian: Wait a minute...
Amanda: Hm?
Jillian: Who would tell you about your destiny? Is it someone you know? You know, you can always talk to me.
Amanda: But, Jillian...
Jillian: Don't worry about it. Look, let's just worry about something else. Like what's about to come.
Amanda: Alright...I understand...
(Amanda gets up on her two feet.)
Amanda: We'd better get ready for tomorrow at the school of Albion...every child is expecting us.
Jillian: That's what I was going to say...
(Soon after, the camera cuts, and Amanda and Jillian head back on their way to the City of Heroes Agency in Albion. Soon after, the camera goes black.)
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PostSubject: Re: Days of the Seraforce: Year One   Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:25 pm

CHAPTER 2: Return of an Old Enemy

(Somewhere inside of a fortress of some kind. The camera shows us a view of the hallway for 3 seconds. The camera then cuts to see a shadow of someone walk in to the scene from the right. After 8 seconds, the camera cuts to show a view of someone's all-red eye. After 5 seconds, the camera cuts to show a view of someone's feet. After 4 seconds, the camera cuts to someone's 'wings', as they move up and down. The camera then cuts as his arms move up close to him, as he looks at them, then to the doors. The door slides up and open for 8 seconds. After 5 seconds, he walks in to see three guys. After 6 seconds, the camera cuts to show a view of a guy who is based off of the Mortal Kombat cyborg characters, then to a woman who is based off of female Japanese Tokusatsu heroines, then to a short guy who is based off of Guts Man from the MegaMan franchise, and Double from MegaMan X4. The camera then cuts to show a full-view of Rijin, who is now Cyborg Rijin MKII. After 6 seconds...)
??????: So...you have arrived...just as I expected. You are now one of us...for we are the Deathborgs. Our technology, now flows inside of you, as you are now a full-fledged machine, like us. I, am Cybergon...
Cyborg Rijin MKII: What happened? Where am I...?
Cybergon: You are inside of the Deathborg Fortress. You were destroyed at the hands of someone who isn't human...
Cyborg Rijin MKII: Someone who...isn't human...?
(Cyborg Rijin MKII holds his head with his right hand.)
Gorax: It seems that you don't remember what happened...Rijin...
Meta-Diana: This is why you are here. Remember, you serve Master Cybergon now.
Orcelos: Yeah, what Diana said. You're one of us, don't forget.
Cyborg Rijin MKII: ….....
Gorax: Our destiny is to destroy all of the human lifeforms, that have betrayed us all.
Cyborg Rijin MKII: Destroy...humans?
Cybergon: Gorax is correct, Rijin. He has told me, that there are enemies you know, whom you must destroy. Some that are humans, and some that are not.
Meta-Diana: It is your mission now...
Orcelos: To destroy human lifeforms. That is your goal...
Cybergon: We must stand together if we hope to accomplish this mission. Rijin...
Cyborg Rijin MKII: Hm?
Cybergon: (stands up on his two feet) We must make every human suffer, for what they have done to us. You'll be tasked with being the secret weapon for the Deathborgs, should all else fail for us...
(Cyborg Rijin MKII does not say anything else for the moment. Soon after, the camera cuts to a view of Earth for 5 seconds. Soon after, the camera cuts to show a view of inside a mall. People can be seen walking around for 7 seconds. The camera cuts to show Danny, Sonic, Kravix, Marok, Jogren, Fandra and Magna, all on an escalator.)
Kravix: What is this place?
Danny: It's a part of Earth life, called the mall, Kravix.
Sonic: This is where people get to walk around and hang out in stores and stuff...there's even a food court there.
Fandra: Whatever this 'mall' is, I like it.
Danny: Good for you...I think you're getting used to it.
Marok: Are there other places here on your home planet?
Sonic: Y-yes...
Danny: They have gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores...even neighborhoods.
Sonic: I know what life on Earth is, Danny.
Danny: Course ya do, Sonic, old pal.
Magna: I...I don't know what to think of this...
Sonic: You don't have to, Magna...
Danny: So...which places do you want to go to?
Jogren: ….....
Fandra: Jogren?
Jogren: Hm? Ah, yes...I've...never been to places on Earth before...these creatures seem harmless...
Marok: B-b-but Marok...Marok wants you to remember the thing that Marok gave you, Danny...
Danny: You mean the topaz-colored eye that I have now?
Marok: Yes, yes...it allows you to see what will happen in the future...
(Danny smiles. All of a sudden...)
Boy: (off-camera) Hey! I know these guys!
Danny: (off-camera) Hm?
(The camera pans to show a boy with a man next to him, as they are in front of Danny and Sonic.)
Boy: You must be...Danny Lancefield the Panda, am I right?
Danny: Yep, that's my name. And this here, is my friend, Sonic.
Sonic: Hey.
Danny: How do you know who we are, anyway?
Boy: I saw you guys at the 543rd Annual Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament!
Sonic: Really? You must like that Trading Card Game so much...
Man: Of course...my son's a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and he wants to meet you guys.
Boy: How did you defeat those Bio-Duelist guys, anyway?
Danny: Well...
(After 4 seconds. The camera flashes white, then shows us RagnaKaijin, Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver, all in the form of a flaming golden phoenix with glowing white eyes, as it flies.)
Dark Razen: (V's voice) We will never be defeated! (Z's voice) You stand no chance against us all! (X's voice) We shall become victorious!
(Dark Razen fires countless streams of energy from the Stardust Dragon mouth of the staff at the massive flaming golden phoenix, only to miss as it flies at high speed. After 24 seconds...)
Dark Razen: (V's voice) What? What's going on? (Z's voice) Our power should be far more superior than theirs! (X's voice) Why won't they die?
(The camera cuts to the flaming golden phoenix.)
Super Silver: It's time you learn what justice is...
Super Shadow: There comes a time when evil must fall.
Super Sonic: Together, we are invincible!
RagnaKaijin: You three Bio-Duelists are the ones who are going straight to Hell!
Dark Razen: (V, X and Z's voices) FOOLS!
(Dark Razen fires streams of energy from the mouths of the Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, and his own mouth, at the massive flaming golden phoenix, only to be deflected by a golden energy shield surrounding the flaming golden phoenix.)
Dark Razen: (X's voice) This can't be!
Yami Yugi: Now, everyone!
Jaden: Right!
Yusei: On it!
Yuma: Let's do this!
(The camera then shows us an 8-way split screen.)
Everyone except the Crowd and Dark Razen: ETERNAL ULTRANOVA SUPER REQUIEM!
(Soon after the massive flaming golden phoenix flies to where Dark Razen is, the massive flaming golden phoenix then pierces right through Dark Razen's stomach, leaving a huge hole. The flames break out, revealing RagnaKaijin, Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver standing in mid-air. After 6 seconds, golden rays of light emit from Dark Razen's body, until after 5 seconds, Dark Razen explodes into a massive golden fireball from the distance. The crowd cheers.)
Z: This is...this is impossible...!!!!!
V: How could we lose to those puny rodents?
X: This can't be happening to us...we cannot die...we shall reign...SUPREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Soon after, the Bio-Duelists' bodies begin to disintegrate. After 8 seconds, no trace of their bodies are left. V, X and Z's life points all go down to zero. They are dead. The camera then fades back to where Danny, Sonic and the others are, in the mall.)
Danny: It was a tough duel, alright. But luckily, we managed to stop Prof. Hartsman and his evil ways, as well as the Bio-Duelists, thanks to Yugi, Jaden, Yusei and Yuma.
Kravix: This kid seems to know you...
Fandra: That creature seems harmless...
Sonic: They're humans.
Boy: Wow...I never thought I would meet those past duelists here on this world! That must've been awesome!
Sonic: Tell me about it.
Boy: Well, my Dad and I gotta get going. Give my regards to my friends!
Man: You guys seem like nice people to us...
Danny: Yeah...well, we were thinking about getting on going, too.
Sonic: Catch you guys later.
Boy: Okay. Bye!
(The boy waves to Danny and Sonic as they, along with Kravix, Fandra, Marok, Jogren and Magna continue to walk.)
Jogren: Who was that boy?
Sonic: I don't know, but he sure looked like a nice kid.
Danny: I'll say.
Fandra: Now what do we do?
Danny: We continue to enjoy our lives...let's go.
(Soon after, Danny, Sonic, Kravix, Fandra, Jogren, Marok and Magna continue to walk, until they exit the scene. Soon after, the camera goes black.)

(So, what do you think? I still need some co-writers, as well as some helpers for this story. Anyone care to volunteer? I'll be glad if someone did...)
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PostSubject: Re: Days of the Seraforce: Year One   

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Days of the Seraforce: Year One

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